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CIVICS State of Civil Society report

Civil society embattled and essential during pandemic, finds CIVICUS annual report

Alliance magazine 27 May 2021

Throughout the last year, governments across the world used the uncertainty of the pandemic to clamp down on civic freedoms. In response, millions of people around the world mobilized to demand more just, equal, and …

Protests for dignity and a better quality of life, Chile, 2019. What is the role of philanthropy in this process?

Shifting the power in Chile: what role for philanthropy?

Andrés Thompson 21 May 2021

It has been almost 50 years ago since the democratic process in Chile was interrupted by a military coup with the support from the United States. Soon after, it was a period of resistance, of …

Funders support Pakistani partners to deliver mental health support

Alliance magazine 19 May 2021

The British Asian Trust in partnership with CareTech Charitable Foundation has been working with local organisations in Pakistan to fund sustainable models for low-cost mental health support in Pakistan – a country with a historical …

Help! How can I get core funding for my start-up nonprofit?

Regi 6 May 2021

Dear Regi, I am a Trustee of a nonprofit in East Africa, which began with generous support from foundations and benefactors. That core funding enabled the creation of a service which many other not-for-profits, international …

Alliance webinar: Future of philanthropy in Latin America

Amy McGoldrick 4 May 2021

As part of Alliance magazine’s anniversary celebrations this year, celebrating Alliance’s 25 years at the heart of global philanthropy, we have launched a series of events on what the future of philanthropy holds in different …

Covid-19 has changed philanthropy forever

David Mattingly 29 March 2021

Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, the funding community has wrestled with how to meet the moment as challenges continue to mount. An informal poll of Fund for Global Human Rights grantees found that, …

Mainstreaming children’s rights: an investment for a better tomorrow

Delphine Moralis 24 March 2021

Thirty-one years after the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, ‘progress has gone backwards on every key measure of childhood’ according to a report published earlier this month by UNICEF. As …

Creating the culture of giving in Ukraine

Eugenia Mazurenko 21 March 2021

Ukrainian social and charitable projects have made giant leaps over the past decade. Since 2014, Ukrainians have built a robust system of volunteer networks and charitable organizations that help the army, relieve poverty, and provide …

Dutch government launches €24m programme to develop community philanthropy

2 Alliance magazine 20 March 2021

The Dutch government, in partnership with a consortium of four organisations including the Africa Philanthropy Network, Kenya Community Development Foundation, Wilde Ganzen and Global Fund for Community Foundations, are launching a new five-year, €24 million …

African philanthropy is emerging as a force. How can it increase support to African NGOs?

Jan Schwier, Maddie Holland, Soa Andrian and Siyasanga Hayi-Charters 11 March 2021

When the first confirmed sub-Saharan Africa case of Covid-19 was detected in Nigeria in February 2020, many African governments moved quickly to contain the virus. While other parts of the world struggled to slow the …