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COVID-19: Dispatch from Brazil

22 March 2020
Mrs. Laney Franecki PhD

While I am writing, Brazil’s Health Ministry reports that there are 621 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country spread across 17 states. Unsurprisingly, the states with Brazil´s two biggest cities are home to the most infections, São Paulo has 286 confirmed cases, followed by Rio de Janeiro, with 65. Seven deaths involving elderly people were registered. We did not reach the peak of the epidemic. What we have in place are preventive and palliative …


Dispatch from Milan: Fondazione Cariplo vs COVID-19

19 March 2020

Despite our headquarters having been closed since 9 March, the Boards and Staff of Fondazione Cariplo are carrying on with their work relentlessly. Extraordinary measures have been taken to provide additional support to the most vulnerable citizens, communities and non-profit organisations that are being dramatically affected by this health crisis. ‘We are facing extraordinary difficult times and, more than ever before, we must join forces for the common good, support the most vulnerable in our …


Four lessons learned from COVID-19 and how they are applicable to the fight against climate change

19 March 2020

As we write this, cities across the globe are becoming ghost towns as public spaces, schools, businesses, and places of …


Pandemic – A time to demonstrate philanthropy at its best

17 March 2020
Brandi Cartwright PhD

Krystian Seibert shares his reflections about what the COVID-19 pandemic means for the Australian charities sector and four things philanthropy …


Flexibility and freedom of foundation funding can boost third sector during Coronavirus crisis

17 March 2020
Dejon Sipes

Let’s trust in the third sector to protect the most vulnerable. Sometimes nightmares come true, and dystopian futures only seen …


Gaúchos, guardians and global warming

10 March 2020
Arnold Ritchie

‘Who was Rosas? An owner of land. What did he accumulate? Land. What did he give to his supporters? Land. …


Bezos’ $10bn donation should not pitch philanthropy and taxation against each other – that would be a zero-sum game

7 March 2020
Dr. Richard Schaden

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ recent major foray into philanthropy came with the announcement that he is going to commit $10 …


A message from European philanthropy: Brexit will not interrupt the flow of donations and goodwill between nations

4 March 2020

The UK’s official exit from the EU has happened. But regardless of that, people in the UK and mainland Europe …


Embracing the SDGs is good for you

3 March 2020
Mrs. Magdalen Brown I

‘Connecting Community Foundations with the SDGs’, a recent ECFI publication, highlights the relevance of the work of community foundations to …


Three reasons why we’re working to shift the philanthropic sector in Australia

2 March 2020

In 2018, we took our conversations on philanthropy down under, and this year we’re heading back.  During our retreat in …


When giving money is no longer enough

29 February 2020
, and

The limits of traditional philanthropy when faced with the climate crisis Since September of last year, bushfires have been relentlessly …