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The nature of capital and other threats to impact

2 June 2021
Farahnaz Karim

Human nature and its constructs Capitalism is arguably our triumphant ideology, a foundational construct that orders our lives and societies. It fuels an entire system where private profit (and ego) stimulates creativity, innovation, complex systems, efficiencies and productive things like competition and collaboration, oiled by money – a trust enabling tool. But capitalism is morally agnostic. In our era it increasingly appears that the ‘production of inequality’ is capitalism’s default setting.   According to Oxfam, …


There’s a climate crisis: here’s what philanthropy should do

31 May 2021
Leslie Johnston

Last year, Ellen Dorsey, of the Wallace Global Fund, called on philanthropy to declare a climate crisis. Stating the urgency to act on our current climate emergency, she challenged funders to accelerate their efforts and do more to mitigate climate change. Have we? Not really. And that’s the problem. To be fair, there have been some promising developments over the past year in how philanthropy is working to tackle the climate crisis. Big bets are …


Donors can do a lot more to achieve a humanitarian system that works for women

30 May 2021
Holly Miller and Naomi Tulay-Solanke

Last week, the Feminist Humanitarian Network released research led by its women’s rights organisation (WRO) members on the challenges that the humanitarian response has presented for WROs during Covid-19, and the feminist solutions they used to overcome them. The experiences of WROs were documented in eight countries: Lebanon, Palestine, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria, South Africa, Liberia, and Kenya. The report, ‘Women’s Humanitarian Voices: Covid-19 through a feminist lens’ finds, perhaps unsurprisingly, that one of the major …


Response: Here’s how we build local

26 May 2021
Alette van Kralingen

This article is a response to Building local is central to shifting power by Jenny Hodgson. The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs is excited to have entered into a strategic partnership with the Giving for Change Alliance for the coming five years. As of 2021, the Ministry launched a new policy framework Strengthening Civil Society, focusing on strengthening civil society organisations to lobby and advocate. We are convinced that through lobbying and advocacy, civil society organisations …


Building local giving is central to shifting power

26 May 2021
Jenny Hodgson

It is an odd but interesting fact that local resource mobilisation has never really inspired the interest or support of …


Racial justice and climate action

23 May 2021
Shalinder Carter

The Black Lives Matter movement, the killing of George Floyd, extreme storms, apocalyptic wildfires, soaring temperatures, and an increase in droughts and …


Shifting the power in Chile: what role for philanthropy?

21 May 2021
Andrés Thompson

It has been almost 50 years ago since the democratic process in Chile was interrupted by a military coup with …


Capacity, courage, and resolve

18 May 2021
Jane Tanner, Kamna Muralidharan and Kate Hitchcock

It is possible and necessary for people to engage effectively in difficult conversations about racism, sexism, classism, and other inequities …


Why guilt and shame are all too common

18 May 2021
Kate Hitchcock

How can I as an individual, albeit one with good intentions, make a difference in the wider philanthropic sector when …


The experience of unbelonging

18 May 2021
Kamna Muralidharan

Immediately I could feel my shoulders drop. To be able to sit with a group of people of colour led …


Free of the burden

18 May 2021
Jane Tanner

Finally I had a space where I wasn’t required to explain the impact of working in the established colonial constructs …


Bill and Melinda Gates: philanthropy caught in the crosshairs of society’s obsession with celebrity

17 May 2021
Beth Breeze and Genevieve Shaker

When does an extremely normal event become global headline news, and when does an ‘historic achievement for humanity’ fail to …


Indigenous Led Funds can be a solution to philanthropy’s inequity

14 May 2021
Lourdes Inga

There are 476 million Indigenous Peoples globally, representing 6.2 per cent of the world’s population. By all measures across philanthropy, …