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Jo Ankunding III

Opinion Jo Ankunding III 13 September 2011

Taking a risk to support controversial issues: pushing the boundaries of philanthropy

What do author Carlos Fuentes, statesman George P Schultz, diplomat Kofi Annan, economist Paul Volcker, artist Sting and entrepreneur Russell Simmons all have in common? They have all taken a public stand to end the …

Conference reports Jo Ankunding III 26 April 2011

Human rights funders and peace and security funders discuss changing political context

Every two years, members of the International Human Rights Funders Group and the Peace and Security Funders Group meet in Washington DC for a Federal Policy Briefing. This short conference is designed to help donors …

Conference reports Jo Ankunding III 12 April 2011

Giving for sustainable change in the Pacific Northwest

‘Giving for Sustainable Change’, held on 1 and 2 April in Seattle, Washington, USA, was the second gathering of a new community of global donors – Pacific Northwest Global Donors. The conference was attended by …

Opinion Jo Ankunding III 7 February 2011

Responding to natural disasters: as the unexpected becomes more common

In the midst of the media coverage exploring different angles of the situation in Haiti one year after the earthquake, there has also been coverage of recent natural disasters including the floods in Brazil and …

Opinion Jo Ankunding III 7 December 2010

What will philanthropy look like in 2011? Taking stock and looking forward

  As we come to the close of 2010, many of us are reviewing the latest studies and surveys to better understand what philanthropy will look like in 2011. Though most publications agree that the …

Opinion Jo Ankunding III 9 September 2010

We should all know how to interact with the media

Part of my job is to routinely scan publications to keep up with the news from our sector.  In the past few months there has been a good deal of coverage of stories such as …

Opinion Jo Ankunding III 28 July 2010

Shaping the philanthropy of the future

Last month, I had the opportunity to hear David La Piana, founder of La Piana Consulting (a US-based firm dedicated to strengthening non-profits and foundations), speak to our regional association of grantmakers about the five …

Opinion Jo Ankunding III 24 June 2010

Technology and learning: opportunities for advisers

The transformative effect of technology on philanthropy is a frequent topic of conversation in journals and at conferences. These discussions often cover how technological innovation is changing the practice of philanthropy and the relationships between …

Opinion Jo Ankunding III 1 April 2010

Will growing wealth in emerging economies lead to meaningful philanthropy?

  It was hard to miss the story about Carlos Slim Helú being ranked the richest person in the world by Forbes this year. Either Bill Gates or Warren Buffett had held this ‘title’ for …